Body Psychotherapy Session

one-on-one- body

What to expect

In my private sessions, I work with individuals, couples, family and small groups.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes, once a week. Treatment can be short or long term.

Every therapy session is different; there is no predictable pattern to a body psychotherapy session. The content differs widely depending upon the person and I follow what is present here and now, supporting my clients while following the wave of their experience. With some clients, I start the body-work quite quickly; with others, we have talking therapy by itself. There are no rules, even if I do encourage body-work whenever possible.

Sessions may include a combination of breathing, sound, posture, movement exercises, massage and other soft body-work techniques, along with verbal interaction.

Soft body work techniques tend to emphasize light touch, sometimes with no hand movement, encouraging awareness of bodily sensations, inner sensing of feeling and energy flow.

My clients may work sitting, lying down or standing up and in movement. They may be fully clothed or in a leotard, tights or short.

Touch may be used when appropriate and only agreed upon.

Sexual touching is never permitted in any type of body psychotherapy.

At the end of a session, my clients usually have a more expanded and conscious core self-experience, feeling lighter and less tired, with more clarity and an increased sense of well-being and sense of health.