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The first meeting of an Integrative Body Psychotherapy face-to-face begins with an anamnesis and an overall assessment. We will discuss about your situation and needs. If I think that I can help you, I will take the time to introduce myself and explain my method.  Detailed explanations are often necessary in order to reassure you and make you aware of your own involvement.

The initial meeting will not be a therapy session but will be treated in the same way in terms of confidentiality.

After the initial meeting, I may arrange a first session for you.

You will be offered modules of sessions. At the end of the first module of 8 sessions, you and I will discuss if an additional module is desired or required or if “open ended” therapy is preferred. The maximum length of time in therapy at my service is one year. After the final session there is usually one follow-up session 1 month later, to review progress.

You are always free to stop, at any time. In this case, I recommend we have a last closing session where we can honor together what you have accomplished and terminate the wave in a gentle way.

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