Expat Life- The other side


People have many reasons for relocating to a new country.
Expatriates, such as international employees, foreign students, as well as others, may find excitement of moving to another country and operating in a different cultural environment.
Expat life comes fully loaded with the joy of discovery. On the other hand, culture shock, language barriers, unforeseen circumstances, expectations, and career anxiety, may make your life abroad more complicated then initially expected.

I am an expat myself and I know that being an expat is not always simple.
Accompanying my husband to his job position abroad, I admit the thrill to meet new people, new cultures, customs and traditions; but I also recognize the difficulties of moving business and family to different countries. I experienced what means to move around foreign educational systems and help my Third Culture Kid acclimate and begin to enjoy his new country.

As an expat wife, I perfectly know that feeling of loss of professional identity when you are not able to work as an expatriate in the new country, especially if you have spent many and many years in education, training, and hard-working to achieve your career goals.

Moving and living abroad demand a great deal of emotional strength and logistical work, adding pressure to an already confusing situation.

• Setting up a new house
• Starting a new job
• Learning the local language
• Sorting out healthcare
• Sorting out finances
• Refitting your marriage into a new culture
• Finding school for children

Even for people who have spent years abroad, feelings of inadequacy, marital problems and depression are common issues which are difficult to face alone. A state of disequilibrium at any stage of the expat experience is a common and very serious problem. So, pay attention to warning signs.

Some signs to look for:

• Extreme homesickness
• Feeling of loneliness and isolation
• Withdrawal from people who are different from you
• A new and intense feeling of loyalty to your own culture
• Compulsive eating or a loss of appetite
• A need for excessive periods of sleep
• Marital stress
• Feeling sick much of the time
• Irritability or fits of anger over minor inconveniences

If you feel stressed out and are looking for help, my harmony studio is the right place for you to express and explore difficulties in a safe and supportive way, without being judged or criticized.
You are not alone. Here there is the professional support you need.