My Harmony Weight – MHW

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My Harmony Weight – MHW 

The Integrative Slimming and Weight-loss Coaching Programme with no diets, but starting from the mind-body connection


My Harmony Weight is a slimming and weight loss coaching programme that works with the mind-body connection. It is easy, natural, risk free, and based on already tested techniques. It is created together with you and just for you!


MHW is for people who:

  • are bored with diets
  • have lost touch and confidence with their body
  • have tried everything and don’t lose weight
  • are suffering from low self-esteem

MHW is for people who don’t need more diet information or a new workout schedule.

It is for people who want to:

  • learn losing extra weight naturally,
  • keep the healthy weight forever,
  • do it all without dieting, but starting from the mind.

IMG_0363   IMG_0358IMG_0362IMG_0360IMG_0361HOW DOES IT WORK?

You don’t need to try new diets, weight loss plans and fitness programmes that don’t work with your individual body type and mindset. 

MHW is based on the Integrative Approach to Weight-loss combining mind-body treatments that fit you along with NLP techniques, clinical expertise and the psychology of slimming. MHW will involve the:

  • Physical You (your body) – your physical structure
  • Emotional You (your feelings) – your range of emotions
  • Mental You (your thoughts) – your knowledge, attitudes and beliefs; your analytical self
  • Spiritual You (your spirit) – your relationship with yourself, your life purpose, your creativity.


  • At the end of your free 15 minute consultation, if you agree, Dr. Rita will book your initial session. Sessions last for 50 minutes on a weekly basis.
  • MHW coaching programme lasts 10 weeks (3 + 7 sessions).
  • During the first 3 sessions Dr. Rita will go through an assessment process with you, where she asks questions to get to know you and understand how you perceive different aspects of your life. She also will take time to analyze your body type and diathesis, describing your predisposition or tendency. Through this exploration she aims to understand the issues you are struggling with around weight, food, eating and body image. She will lead you by the hand, showing you how to put together your goals and objectives in order to start with the 7 step MHW coaching programme.

To book your free 15 minute consultation contact Dr. Rita Squarza directly: