Sensitive Gestalt Massage SGM


The psychological healing through gentle touch,
soft lights and harmonious notes

Sensitive Gestalt Massage SGM, aka Californian Massage, is the anti-stress technique for excellence. It helps finding a deep relaxed sensation, energetic equilibrium, psychophysical wellbeing and confidence within your body. Gentle movements and warm aromatic oil relax the body and allow your mind to give way to emotions and energy. 

SGM is a technique whose popularity has continued to grow. It fully meets the needs of clients looking to achieve effective and lasting relief of tension and most importantly to harmonize their entire being. In other words, it is a total approach, which brings a concrete well-being in the course of the psychotherapeutic sessions.

As human beings, we understand, analyze and forgive, but in our body the imprint of wounds, shocks and frustrations is always present. The SGM allows to “clean” them, leading to an internal harmony.

Who can benefit from SGM?

Everyone, or nearly everyone, can benefit from SGM as it’s a source of relaxation, energy, and well-being at the same time. It is particularly recommended:

  • during or after difficult periods (bereavement or the break-up of relationships)
  • to combat stress and tiredness
  • psychosomatic problems
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • for people who do not feel at ease in their own body
  • for people who isolate themselves from others because they are afraid of contact.


SGM is not recommended in the case of fever, lymphoma, skin diseases or psychological disorders which can provoke reactions or excessive transference, nor may a person receive a massage after a major surgical procedure.