Skype Chat Counselling

chat session

I also use Skype for chat counselling sessions. It is just like text on a mobile telephone, but on the computer and in real time.

Skype chat counselling is the easiest way to get professional counselling from the convenience of anywhere. Though this is a new kind of counselling, research studies have shown that chat counselling is effective and affordable.

Clients often feel more comfortable and safe during Skype chat sessions than face-to-face or Skype webcam session. Some people say to prefer chatting because when ideas are in writing, it helps them to pay a closer attention to their words and feelings; new insights and old memories seem to arise better when one puts it down in writing, and it seems to be easier to express their inner world than via verbal communication. Moreover, Skype-chat keeps a transcript of text, allowing to print it off and re-read it at another time.

I would however ask you to bear in mind that at all times our counselling communications (verbal and written) are confidential and must be treated as such and not shared with any third party.

If you are unsure and would like to find out how Skype chat counselling might help you, please contact me.  Enquiries are always free of charge and without obligation. I do offer a free, 10-15 minute session on Skype chat for you to experience how it might feel for you.

If there is an issue that I feel is not best resolved through Skype chat, I will advise you.