Work with Dr. Rita


Hi, I am Rita Squarza, I am a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist trained in Italy and now based in the United Kingdom. I began my working life 19 years ago, after having completed my 5 years of study in Psychology at the University of Padua and then specialized in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Rome. I did work for 13 years in the field of Neuroscience as Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist in the Italian NHS, working with people with acquired brain injury (dementia, stroke, TBI, MS, epilepsy). In the meanwhile, my interest in dancing, as a former ballerina, pushed me to the Art Therapy Italiana in Bologna where I did experience the fascinating connection between psychology and dance. Over the years, I specialized in the psychotherapeutic use of movement and soft body work techniques in a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual. Thanks to my background in Neuropsychology and my interest in studying the effects of dance, drama and performing arts on the mind and brain, I have a strong commitment to promoting emotional health and wellness especially in performing artists. For several years I’ve been providing individual counselling and coaching to dancers, actors, musicians, and other artists to help them in enhancing their individual’s performance on stage as well as personal development.

A valuable multicultural life experience living in Canada and then in the U.S. influenced my professional and personal life in the last 8 years. Building relationships with people from many different cultures and background allowed me to examine my biases about them and made me more creative and sensitive to cross-cultural adjustments and multicultural identity development. Because I enjoy working with diverse and multi-ethnic individuals, I am also interested in cross-cultural psychology, studying similarities and differences in behaviour among individuals who have developed in different cultures. For example, in my practice with clients who come from different countries, I have learned to be sensitive to words which are unique to a particular culture as well as body language and other nonverbal behaviours to which cultural significance is attached, …and I adore that!

During one of my relocation, there was the “magical” encounter with Fernando Pasquini, Artistic Director and International Choreographer, with whom a precious work of art & psychology took shape. Its name is “Feel & Move”, a well defined body-mind connection practice referred to the awakening of true Self. For some years we have already been running workshops and seminars essential for performing artists and everyone interested in improving self-exploration, self-awareness, self-confidence, and interpersonal interaction.

Alongside Feel &Move workshops and my private practice face-to-face in the UK and online worldwide, I also collaborate, from time to time, with Top Team – Scuola di Portamento in Padova (Italy) in providing life-coaching and counselling to aspirant fashion models and people working in entertainment. In a world where it can be easy to lose direction, my aim is to empower them to take control of certain areas of their life (confidence/self belief, career, relationships, work/life balance), exploring way to enhance their skills, qualities and creativity, staying motivated and focused on their goals.

A bit more of me… is about my passion for sea life and swimming in the deep blue sea, but also for cycling in the countryside with my family and friends and picking fruits to make together delicious fruit tarts while listening classic rock.

I enjoy Flemish art baroque and watching French comedies, and much more… I also love the feeling of explore new places, and the never ending curiosity about what/who comes around the corner.